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Moiz Shaukat Humanities is all about support and empowerment

About MSH

MSH, a distinguished NGO committed to driving positive change and empowering lives. Rooted in compassion and driven by a relentless pursuit of social justice, we address the critical needs of marginalized communities. With an unwavering belief in the transformative power of sustainable solutions, we strive to uplift individuals, families, and entire communities, fostering resilience and nurturing opportunities for growth. 

By leveraging our expertise and collaborative partnerships, we create impactful programs that address issues such as poverty, education, healthcare, and sustainability.

Moiz Shaukat,
CEO and Founder
Always ready to help you

MSH: Empowering Communities Through Compassion and Collaboration

Recognized by the Government of Pakistan for our unwavering dedication in driving positive change and inspiring others to join our noble mission.

What We Strive For

Accessible Medicine and Healthcare Solutions
At MSH, we go beyond basic assistance by providing comprehensive healthcare support. We offer vital medical aid, including access to essential medicines and healthcare services. Through partnerships with local physicians and pharmacies, we ensure individuals in need receive subsidized healthcare solutions.
We Strengthen Lives: Combining Financial and Emotional Support for Lasting Change
At MSH, we provide both financial assistance and emotional support to empower individuals and families. We understand the stress of securing meals for loved ones and prioritize addressing their emotional needs.
Collaborative Consultation: Unifying Strengths for Lasting Impact
At MSH, we believe in collaboration and coordination. We work closely with other organizations, pooling our resources and expertise. By uniting with like-minded partners, we tackle pressing challenges together. Our goal is to create lasting impact in our communities.
Empowering through Education: Nurturing a Lifetime of Learning
We believe in the power of education. Our mission is to establish inclusive educational institutions that provide quality schooling to children of all ages, regardless of financial barriers. We empower young minds with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive throughout their lives.
Empower Pakistan: Join Hands in Our Quest for Change
We tirelessly search for deserving individuals and causes in need of financial aid throughout Pakistan. Our rigorous screening process ensures that only genuine cases receive our support. However, the overwhelming number of cases necessitates your generous support to help us further our mission.

Our Core Team Members

Moiz Shaukat

Sajid Ikram Siddiqui

Uqba Qayyum Khan

Mahnan Omer

Hammad Jeewani

Our Board of Directors

Moiz Shaukat Humanities Services

Sajid Shohab Ahmed

Moiz Shaukat Humanities Services

Ahsan Jawad

Moiz Shaukat Humanities Services

Hafsa Mirza

Moiz Shaukat Humanities Services

Huma Tariq

Moiz Shaukat Humanities Services

Ambreen Khursheed

Moiz Shaukat Humanities Services

Khizar Noor Khan

Our strength

Our Volunteers

MSH Volunteers: The Heart and Soul Transforming Lives and Communities

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of MSH. United by a shared passion for making a positive impact, they embody the spirit of selflessness and dedication. With their invaluable contributions, we are able to extend our reach and deepen our impact in the communities we serve. From lending a helping hand in educational initiatives to providing essential support in healthcare programs, our volunteers bring expertise, compassion, and a genuine desire to uplift others. Their commitment to our mission is unwavering, and their selfless acts of service inspire hope and transform lives. We are immensely grateful for their time, skills, and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. Together, we are a force for change, and our volunteers are the driving force behind our success.

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